Saturday, March 17, 2007

Behavioural conditioning

A psychology professor brings a chimpanzee to class one day. 'I'm going to demonstrate the power of behavioural conditioning,' he says to the gathered students. 'No matter what I do to this chimp, he will still love and obey me'.

Whereupon he kicks the chimpanzee in the balls. The chimp doubles up in pain and the professor knees him under the chin. The ape sprawls backwards and the professor grabs him by the ankles and bashes his head repeatedly against the wall. Stunned and bewildered, the chimpanzee staggers to his feet, goes over to the professor, unzips his flies and starts giving him a blow job.

'Do any of you want to have a go?' asks the professor.

'I will,' pipes up one of the students, 'but please don't hit me as hard as you hit the monkey.'

With thanks to Foot Eater for this one.

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