Thursday, December 01, 2005

Blame it On The Dog

This is the 100th Joke Mail posting. I thought I'd celebrate by putting up another of my all time favourites!

A man and his wife have their high society friends round for dinner. They are all sitting at the table, when the man uncontrollably breaks wind, and a foul odour rises up and spreads through the room.

"Rover!" shouts his wife, "Get out from under the table!"

The man inwardly lets out a sigh or relief. "Thank God she's blamed the dog," he thinks. "I'd better make sure he stays there in case I let out another". And with that, the man slips Rover a piece of meat from his plate.

However, before the main course is finished, the man lets out another ripper.

"ROVER!" yells the wife, "Get out of there right now!"

Smiling to himself, the man slips the dog another piece of meat.

As they all begin to tuck into desert, the man feels a huge one building up, but feeling the dog sitting at his ankles, he doesn't hold back and the most tremendous fart is let loose.

"ROVER!" screams the wife, "Get out from under there before he shits on you!"

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