Saturday, December 03, 2005

Community Networker

Anyone who has had anything to do with community groups will identify with this one!

We are seeking an experienced networker to join our high tech task force out there in cyberspace.
You will be able to work as part of a virtual team and be supplied with a virtual budget, a virtual desk and a virtual phone.
You will be able to work on your own initiative and invent things to do.
We expect you to spend the majority of your time linking in with other networks and needlessly filling in other people's e-mail in-trays with your useless suggestions and half baked schemes.

1. High levels of enthusiasm matched with low levels of frustration
2. Good overview of IT and where it can go
3. Low expectations of actually getting there
4. Ability to discuss the same plans endlessly
5. Ability to take full force kicks in the teeth
6. Healthy scepticism about the digital inclusion "agenda"

SALARY - paid through barter with other community networks
HOURS OF WORK - between browsing episodes
CONTACTS - the world and his aunty
REPORTING TO - anyone that will listen
SPECIAL CONDITIONS - Bring your own coffee

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