Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Super Rooster

An Alabama chicken farmer has a real problem, the flock is not producing. So his buddy sends him to Super Rooster Corp

"These birds, says the salesman, will solve all yer problems, genetically modified."

So the bird gets delivered and released into the hen house. Thereafter the noise is louder than the Superbowl, feathers clucking an all.

The farmer keeps watch from a safe distance. One day doing his rounds he sees a hole in the henhouse, then amazed: watches the Rooster chasing ducks around the pond. Later that afternoon all the ganders are dashing with the rooster in pursuit.

A week passes by, the ducks chickens and geese are getting some peace, in spite of Two Apache helicopters flying about.

After testing his new spotting scope, Jed the farmer jumps into his pickup on seeing a familiar shape out in the field.

The rooster is flat on his back, motionless, beak in the dirt.

"Well boy looks like you done yerself t' death."

A squinting eye opens. "Nope m just waiting fer them two critters to land!"

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